A high energy seven piece band that has a Funk delivery system like none ever seen in Milwaukee. Besides funk, the band is known for playing R&B, Soul and Disco from the 70's to today.

Montage is fronted by both a male and female vocalist and backed by a super tight rhythm section.  Throw in a multi-talented sax player and what more could you want!?               The dance floor will be packed all night long ...



Gary B. Lovestone is a singer/songwriter/performer from the Milwaukee, WI area. Gary studied trumpet and piano at the Wisconsin Conservatory Of Music in the early nineties where he met two other musicians, Jeff Muhammad and Deonte Baldwin Sr.
Gary, Jeff and Deonte began to write several songs together from 1995 to 2003, with Gary joining Jeff & Deonte at 703Records. In 1999 Gary was the featured vocalist on the tracks "I Choose You", "Jessi" & "The Finale" on the now out of print 703Records release "THE COMPILATION".
Gary then joined Da' Soul Recordings Group from 2003 to 2011, and released his first solo cd in 2004 "JOURNEY" followed by a second solo release "TWO" in 2005. Gary was also the featured vocalist on the song "Whisper To Me" from J.L. Russell's "Soul Of A Poet" cd in 2005 as well.
In 2006 Gary and Jeff Hegwood a.k.a. "J" of Da' Soul, co-wrote the songs for the 2007 Da' Soul release Murphy Edwards "PRECISE" with Gary as the featured vocalist on the song "PREVAIL".
In 2010 Gary formed the band LOVE STONE and released his fourth cd on the Da' Soul label, "PEACE, LOVE & JOY".
Gary signed with Digital Garden Music, LLC. Gary B. & Love Stone released the single "KEEP ON LIVIN" in 2011 as part of Facebook's Peace Day celebration.



Nicole is a soprano who holds a Bachelor’s degree in music education from UW-Whitewater.  She is currently working towards her Master’s degree in vocal performance at UW-Milwaukee.  Previously, Nicole has performed with the Wisconsin Chamber Choir in Madison where her most notable solo performances were in "Quia Respexit" from Magnificat (Bach) and Et Exultavit from Magnificat (Zelenka).  Her other notable lead musical performances include Princess Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress, Marian Paroo in The Music Man, Celia Peachum in Threepenny Opera, Gwendolen in Ernest in Love, Hope Cladwell in Urinetown, and Barbarina in Le Nozze di Figaro.  Most recently she played Vitellia in UW-Milwaukee's production of La Clemenza di Tito.  Nicole has enjoyed many experiences as a music director, accompanist, and choir director, and she believes her experiences in those areas will lend to her ability and style with Montage.

Singing with a band has always been a desire for Nicole, and she is thrilled to have the chance to sing with Montage!  She has fond memories of funk music from her childhood and is exhilarated to have the unique opportunity to perform the music that helped shape her love of the subject and, ultimately, led to her joy of singing! 




Rosemary is the sax specialist of Montage!  She has her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Heidelberg University and a Master of Music in instrumental Conducting from UWM.  Currently she is the Director of the UWM Youth Jazz Ensemble and also teaches in the UW Colleges. In addition to her work in the classroom, Rosemary free-lances and maintains a private studio in the Milwaukee area.  Rosemary is also a member of the Milwaukee Jazz Orchestra, which recently released their album, Welcome to Swingsville! in 2017.

As the resident millennial in the band, Rosemary likes avocados, renting, Chuck Taylors, cat videos, Bonnie Raitt LPs, and fighting the patriarchy one glass of bourbon at a time.





Ben's the leader of this great band - Montage!

Ben is a multi-instrumentalist and holds a Masters Degree in Music.

Ben comes to Montage with a variety of music experiences and backgrounds. Having played in many Top 40/Variety bands, 80's bands, and (continues to play and sit in with) local big bands in the Milwaukee & Waukesha area, Ben tries his hand(s) at all he can in music.

Ben was introduced to jazz in HS, along with his first experience with a synth called the Minimoog:  Love at first sound!! He collects classic synthesizers and has been known to bring one occasionally to a gig to "dust it off".

To see Ben in other performance situations, cut and paste the following links into your browser:


Music likes: Latin, Jazz, Funk, World music, CCM, EDM

MiniMax - Moog Emulator Tune -

and one of the best synth solo's out on the web -

Cory Henry -

One for fun:





Jason’s first recollection of a prominent bass line in a song was when he heard "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen at a very young age.  Although he wouldn’t take up bass guitar until he was a teenager, he has always gravitated to music with strong rhythmic grooves.  Jason has performed with a variety of local music groups since the mid-90s and appreciates being given the opportunity to lay down the low end for Montage.








Tim started playing drums in 1969 and hasn't stopped since.

After spending many years in drum corps including 4 years as a Madison Scout snare drummer Tim went back to music school.

Playing gigs around the Midwest at the same time studying music (percussion) at UW. Madison, UW Oshkosh, and UW Stevens Point.

Tim has performed with the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra, Green Bay Symphony, Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra and the Janesville Symphony Orchestra.

Now after 45 years of performing Tim keeps up a very busy gigging schedule playing all styles of music.





Pete has been playing in bands since the 9th grade, in styles ranging from rock, pop and variety to his favorites - funk and R&B.

He is a gear-head, but in practice, is a big fan of affordable, portable and flexible gear.  The next time you see him, ask him why he isn't playing a Mesa Boogie Mark V.

He's very happy to be making music with musicians of the caliber who are in Montage.

Pete is waiting for Ben to dust off some of that classic gear and bring it to a gig. ;)

Favorite artists:  The Beatles, Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Pat Metheny, Weather Report, Steely Dan, and Earth, Wind & Fire

Favorite music styles: The Beatles, Jazz Fusion, Funk/Soul/R&B and Prog Rock.




Montage' "Soundman" and overall decent guy is JUDE!

Jude's been doing sound for bands since 1973, so

he knows his way around a mixing console and efx chains.

Here's just a few of the bands he's done sound for

(and not just dance stuff either.  :) )

Rocket 88 (50's & 60's)

Justice (70's, 80's & 90's)

Summer Breeze (Variety, parties)

Jubilee (Church variety)

Ricochette's (British 60's invasion)

Montage (Funk)


News & Updates

Greetings!   Welcome to the Montage Website!

Please check out the links that will take you everywhere on this site.                    From our Upcoming Events area, where Montage will be performing next, to our PIX area to see how people have responded to the music we play.  We also have some excerpts of what we sound like (but it's ALWAYS much better to see and hear us live!!) on our MEDIA area.      Questions, or if you'd like to hire Montage for one of your events, please go to our Contact area and send us an email. We'll answer you A.S.A.P.


If you would be so kind, please take a moment and LIKE us on our FaceBook page.  The more you like us, the more we show all these places that we're a fun and talented group!

Also, if you'd like to simply send us a compliment, please fill out the Contact form on this website.  Please include your full name and phone/email....BUT -

Montage WILL NOT use your full last name or phone on this site without your permission.  Montage keeps the info in our records for those places that want references from good people like you!!


August, 2019

Montage is about to play its final gig for the summer at State Fair on August 10.

We can’t THANK all of our new and current Montage supporters enough! You guys have come to our gigs, raved about us to friends, danced to our tunes and had a wonderful time with everything! Our energy feeds off of yours! Never forget that. We’ll give you the best performance we can and all we ask in return is for you to have a great time!!

Behind the scenes:

Jude is our sound man. He’s the guy that makes us sound good. Quite honestly, without him we would be less of a great sounding band. So, if you happen to be at one of our future gigs, say hello to JUDE. He’s a great guy, oh AND SOUND MAN!!


Please visit our PIX page. Usually, pix are posted of the most recent gigs we’ve performed.

Who knows? You might see someone you know - or even YOURSELF!! :)

Shout out to Shirl. She IS part of Montage! She takes the videos you see on our Facebook page and some you see here on this webpage. The majority of PIX you see were taken from her.

Chances are you’ve seen her focusing on a bit of Montage history for these pages.

Also, Montage does receive pictures from people who are close to the band.

Michelle (one of our wonderful followers) submits the other percentage of pictures you’ll see on both sites. You can’t miss her at Montage gigs. No shoes and dancing up a storm!

Say HI to her too.

Private parties:

Montage is being searched out for playing private events.

We’ve already played Corporate Christmas parties and for wedding receptions at places like Miller Park.

We’ve had a ton(!) of interest for next summer and we’re just getting started for the fall.

If you’d like more info on hiring Montage for your event, please send us an email through the CONTACT page here.

Stay tuned to our Upcoming Events page for more info.

July, 2019

Summer’s well underway and Montage has been playing festivals and Miller Park!

We’ve made new friends, added more tunes to our lineup and are giving back our talents to you in the form of GROOVES!!

C’mon out and see Montage at a performance venue near you. As of this date (7.21.19) we still have the Washington County Fair, Pewaukee on the Lake and State Fair [TWICE] (Double “K” Ranch stage) in our sites!

So, take a break from that “farmer tan” and come on out and burn a place out on the dance floor! Have a cold one and as always, enjoy the COOL music brought to you by one of Milwuakee’s top UNKNOWN bands - MONTAGE.

May, 2019

Montage welcomes our new female vocalist - Nicole!!

Nicole has been met by many friendly faces and compliments from our Montage fans! Thank you all for the warm and wonderful “Welcomes" to her!!

Montage is ready for some SUMMER fun and music!!

Come see our shows this summer! Visit our Upcoming Events page for more information on where and when we’ll be playing next. It’s always a dance party when MONTAGE is in the house, or, at a Festival near you!!

January 31, 2019

Shout out!

Thanks to all the people (new friends and many familiar faces) that came out to hear Montage at Suburban Bourbon.  It was a great and wild time!!   Check out the Pix section to see what went on for that gig!!

Stay tuned for our next show at Suburban Bourbon on April 13th!


We’ve had inquires as to who takes many of the pix and vid’s for us.  That person is Shirl!  She’s been doing all these for Montage for over 3 years.  You can see her Pix and vid’s on the website.  Don’t be afraid to say “hi” to Shirl, you might get your picture taken and it could show up on the website!!


Stay Tuned!!  More new venues, music and surprises await all of you who support Montage!  Thanks for being there for us!!

January, 2019!!

What a year it’s been!

            Wait?  It just started!!

Montage is off to a wonderful start of the New Year!

We played for Pabst, had our one year anniversary at Mezcalero’s restaurant (with a record crowd in attendance) and have some new places that we’re going to be performing at in the near future!

Thanks to the people that have become Montage supporters and a hearty “WELCOME” to all the NEW faces that we’ve met at our recent gigs!  More and more musical things are coming your way through your favorite band: MONTAGE.


We’re also adding more and more tunes to our set lists, majority by YOUR request.

Keep an ear out for the new songs and your feet ready to dance to them.


See you at our next gig!!

December 24, 2018

The eve before Christmas with gifts and more to be prepared, Montage says “Thank you” -to you- through fun and its music that we have shared.

It’s time to be together, perhaps “sit” all a glow, at least for today given it’s Christmas, there isn’t a lot - if any snow.

Here’s a toast to those of us as we bring in the NEW YEAR! May it bring joy and happiness and less - one tear.

Montage hopes to continue to share its music and talents with you and with those that are new. You’ve allowed us to share our musical gifts, and you’ve danced - the many and the few!


Holiday Greetings to you and yours! May it still be full of wonders and happiness, but still to take time and reflect on the reason for the season.

September 17, 2018

Montage has some great things coming your way!

First, our next gig is our Halloween Costume Ball at Mezcalero’s Mexican Restaurant.

Come dressed as .. er..whatever you like and join Montage for a Ghoulishly Fun & Dancing evening. There will be prizes for the best costumes, so come join the FRIGHTivities!!

Second, and speaking of Mezcalero’s Mexican Restaurant..

Montage will have it’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Mez’s this January!!

Mezcalero’s opened their doors to MONTAGE and allowed us a centrally located Milwaukee base to perform our musical styles for you. Check the UpComing Events page for info. Montage has built its reputation at providing you with a wonderful evening of dance music and we’re not about to stop. Help us celebrate our anniversary at Mezcalero’s this January!!

Last word..

There are performing venues in the Milwaukee area that are looking for bands. Many of our followers have suggested places for Montage to try and get into to perform. We ask that you take a few of our Montage “cards” and get them into the hands of the people that are in positions of hiring for those establishments. YOUR WORD has more pull that anyone of us in Montage going into that venue and trying to sell ourselves. This is simply being honest and it is a true statement. We’re just “another band” to these places, but with Your help Montage can continue to become a stronger named band in the area.

Thanks for reading AND supporting Montage!!

August 24, 2018

The summer has been awesome for Montage and all of you were the reasons why!  You've supported us, came out to see us and complemented us even more by bringing your friends and love ones with you to our performances!  Thank you very much!

Montage has been asked to perform for other functions, so please keep an eye out on our Up Coming Events page.  We'll be adding a few more dates soon and hopefully we'll be playing in YOUR neighborhood!

Please see our PIX page for the turnouts that have been so great from Nixon Park in Hartland, through State Fair and now adding Pewaukee on the Waterfront. 

If you like what you hear - please tell the people that are in charge of hiring bands in your community.  We'd love to come back and play for you!

Need to hire Montage?  Send us an email through THIS site!!  Thx!

See you at "our" next gig!!



July 29, 2018

Montage thanks those of you who filled out our song suggestion sheets!  We've tabulated them and will be discussing YOUR song suggestions at our next rehearsal(s).  There were quite a few to consider, so c'mon back to hear us and maybe you'll hear one of those tunes YOU suggested being performed by yours truly:  MONTAGE!!

P.S  Come see us at the Wis. State Fair.  See our Upcoming Events page for dates & times.  Don't be afraid to come up and say hi!  We'll be glad to see you there - At the fair!!  :)


July 19, 2018

After some very successful performances at outdoor festivals (including a showcase with the East Troy Jazz Symposium band) Montage has decided to share our videos and pix a bit more freely between this webpage and the Facebook page.  So, if you're looking for some info on the band, some music excerpts, or simply to read what Montage is all about, take a look at both of our social medial sites:  This webpage and Facebook.

Sharing IS caring and Montage tries to share music, pix and more with all of you!

Come out and see us, you might end up seeing a pic of yourself on one of the media sites!!


Many people have come up to the band and asked if we would play for clubs, parties, anniversaries, weddings, and many other dance functions?   Well??   YES!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in hiring Montage for your special event, or would like more information on available dates and such, simply go to the CONTACT page,

fill out the form and hit "send".  We'll get info to you as soon as we can.  Thanks!


Check out our "Pix" section!  Recent and past gig pix can be found there.

Who knows?  You might see yourself in one of them.

Have some Montage Pix for this website?  Send them as an attachment.  Thx!!


NEW performances have been added!  Check out the Upcoming Events page for more info!!

Check back often to see and hear where MONTAGE is performing next!!


Web Page up and running!!  If this is your first time here - Welcome!!

Want to contact MONTAGE?  Send an email with your address to:



"I" am a musician.

- We are the people that stay up half the night to finish that song we can't get out of our heads.

- We're typically misunderstood and always underpaid.

- We spend more time packing, driving, and unpacking vans full of gear than we do on stage playing.

- BUT, We bring entertainment, healing, love, and passion to a world that desperately needs it, and I wouldn't change a thing.


Author unknown..


What’s in a band?  A name?  Individuals? Talent?  Music styles and arrangements?  Yes, all of the above and more!  Montage is Funk Band you want to hire! Be it for your Waukesha area event or festival or for a Milwaukee area event. Montage is the band to bring the music, the FUNK and DISCO and more to your event! We are the party band!!    The Montage Funk Band is made up of area musicians from the best dance bands, the best party bands, even the best wedding and corporate bands!  We’ve come together to form Montage in order to bring you a new take on the tunes that you know and continue to dance to!  So, if you’re looking for that great party/dance band, you’ve found us!    Montage Funk band!  We are the the funk band for Southeast Wisconsin and all surrounding areas!  Give us a listen. Come see us. You will become a follower!  Thx!

What’s in a band?

A name?

Individuals? Talent?

Music styles and arrangements?

Yes, all of the above and more!

Montage is Funk Band you want to hire! Be it for your Waukesha area event or festival or for a Milwaukee area event. Montage is the band to bring the music, the FUNK and DISCO and more to your event! We are the party band!!

The Montage Funk Band is made up of area musicians from the best dance bands, the best party bands, even the best wedding and corporate bands!

We’ve come together to form Montage in order to bring you a new take on the tunes that you know and continue to dance to!

So, if you’re looking for that great party/dance band, you’ve found us!

Montage Funk band!

We are the the funk band for Southeast Wisconsin and all surrounding areas!

Give us a listen. Come see us. You will become a follower!